As you are aware Smart cars do not carry a spare tyre. Why not avoid the inconveninece of a puncture, and possibly waiting on the side of the road for someone to rescue you, by installing Ultraseal puncture prevention system.

Chequered flag is a registered distributor for Ultraseal, the permanent puncture prevention treatment for your tyres. It costs £40 + VAT for all 4 wheels (cheaper than a puncture repair) and can be installed while you wait in under 15 minutes.

Ultraseal works by centrifugal force, it coats the inner surface of the tyre and when a puncture occurs, Ultraseal is forced against and around the puncturing object by the inner air pressure, thereby preventing the air from escaping. If the puncturing object is removed, the air inside forces Ultraspeed into the wound and immediatly stops air loss. Once Ultraseal is exposed to the outside air the unique chemical curing process begins. The cured clot is then transposed into a rubberised seal hence permanently repairing your puncture.