Turbos and Manifolds!

As you may well know, MCC Smarts suffer from their manifolds cracking, and also, after time when the turbo's wear. You may loose oil and oil pressure, causing terminal damage to you Smart engine.

If you think the turbo has gone, it is not worth driving the car any further. Even if you are on the motorway or miles from any where, call your break down recovery service or take a note of our number below for that dreaded day.

A genuine replacement unit can be purchased from ourselves at £516 + VAT (600cc & 700cc MCC Smart)

We can also fit this for you at an additional cost of £120 + VAT
(This does not include oil and oil filter or exhaust manifold gasket)

We can also supply and fit hybrid turbos for increased performance (call for details)

Tel: (44) (0) 1634 711866