Engine Re-Conditioning!

Our fully trained technicians are skilled at reconditioning engines, we are so proud of this service that our re-conditioned engines come with a full 12 months / 12,000 miles warranty(*).

We offer a fully re-conditioned exchange engine starting from £695.00 for a 600cc, £795 for the 700cc, all engines are sold on an exchange basis, your exchange unit must be servicable, or a surcharge will apply.


Option 1

Supply only

We can supply you one of our fully re-conditioned engines for you to have proffessionally installed for £695 (600cc) or £795 (700cc)exchange + VAT. (plus delivery)

Option 2

Fully Installed

We offer a full fitting service for an additional labour cost of £435 + VAT( Roadsters £545 + VAT), plus an extra £95 + VAT for oil, filter, gaskets, seals, spark plugs etc.

Option 3

Neither above

If neither Option 1 or 2 suit your needs, then we would be happy to purchase your unwell Smart, to rebuild it ourselves and offer it a home.

As well as a reconditioned engine you get the choice of having a new water pump.

Water pump - £65 plus + VAT. When done as part of a supply & fit package, there is no labour on top of this price.

*Warranty conditions apply, call for full details.


Here are a few pictures of what could happen if you don't get your engine done as soon as possible. If this happens to your engine you will face a surcharge on top of the price of an engine!

A conrod has gone through the block under high pressure.