"Chequered Flag" are now an authorised supplier and installer of Red-Dot Racing remaps, All remaps are installed with the backing and support of Red-Dot Racing, who have many years of experience in the field of tuning cars.

We offer a try before you buy service on stage 1 & 2 mapping...

Stage 1 Remap - entry level remap for increased performance & smoother gear changing (approx 15% BHP & Torque) £150 inc VAT

Stage 2 Remap - For a more noticable increase in power, (approx 30% BHP & Torque) will put a smile on your face for only £250 inc VAT

Smart 451 - Due to numerous enquiries, I can confirm that we are not yet in a position to re-map these at the moment due to the fact that the ECU needs to be opened up to communicate.  This can be done by RED DOT at their location.

Either of the above can be enhanced by the installation of an air scoop and performance air filter for an extra £99 inc. VAT!

Remapping a Smart Car comes with risks and all percentages quoted are approximate. This may vary from vehicle to vehicle depending on age and model. A full health check will be carried out on all vehicles before the re-map is installed, to accertain the suitability of your Smart.

Remember - the faster you go, the quicker you need to stop! After enhancing the performance of your Smart, you may need to increase the performance of your brakes!